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A private company guards 150,000 decares of fields, nearly 20 villages, and also offers a bodyguard!

A private company guards 150,000 decares of fields, nearly 20 villages, and also offers a bodyguard!
September 30, 2021 Delta Guard

Former police officer Marin Rusev: “The important thing is for people to believe us!”

FOR THE THIRD YEAR, THE PRIVATE COMPANY “DELTA GARD” COLLECTS APPLAUSES AND NATURALLY NEGATIVES WHEN PRESERVING FIELDS AND HOUSES MAINLY IN PAVLIKENSKO. Currently, the company, owned by former police officer Marin Rusev and karateka Mitko Spasov, guards about 150,000 acres of fields and nearly 20 villages in the Pavlikeni and Veliko Tarnovo regions. Villagers, businessmen, tenants and cooperatives have entrusted their properties to 39-year-old Rusev and his 30-year-old partner Spasov.

Powers are limited, prevention works

THE POWERS OF THE PRIVATE SECURITY GUARDS ARE UNDER THE PRIVATE SECURITY ACTIVITY ACT. According to him, the heroes have the right to detain a suspect and to hand him over with a special protocol to the Ministry of Interior, Marin Rusev explains. They have no right to conduct an investigation, the problem is in protecting the scene, which is becoming quite difficult.

“I work excellently with the chiefs of the police departments in Pavlikeni – Lozan Lozanov, and in Veliko Tarnovo – Nikolay Terziiski. We help them. We avoid detentions because problems almost always arise because of loopholes in the legislation. That is why we rely mainly on prevention in the villages. One of the first villages we started with was Dascott. Then we got the fame and now security in nearly 20 villages. There are also farmers with lands in different settlements, in the district we also have contracts for restaurants, but they are few and far between ”, says Marin Rusev.

A BOOM OF SMALL THEFT AND THE CORN AND GRAPE HARVEST IS EXPECTED. Private security guards do the best job when people tell them in advance of their suspicions of field theft and home robbery.

“… The important thing is for people to believe us! Only the mayors of the settlements know what our schedule is and when we are on duty, our teams have enough off-road jeeps and mobility to do our job quickly, quietly and without noticing us. In conflict situations we use a video camera, because then there is no way out who said or did what. Personally, I go to destinations at night, I try not to have problems, but it always happens that there are dissatisfied or someone exceeds their rights “, admits Marin Rusev.

The team trains, is selected under a magnifying glass

THE GUARDIANS CHOOSE THE TWO AMBITIOUS PARTIES DIFFICULT, precise and look at them under a magnifying glass. About 20 people work in the Delta Guard area. In addition to the general conditions of the regulations, men must be athletic, because the bosses subject them to physical exercise! Marin Rusev himself has been in the SDVR for 15 years in various services, but mostly in the riot control unit. He hates cigarettes, alcohol and relaxed men, he loves the reflex of the body and the mind. The man from Tarnovo has two children, but his family lives in Sofia, in the old capital he comes to his father when he can.

“I have entered a report on a travel book and a logbook for employees. I do physical training because I am sick, looking at the relaxed look of most police officers – at first they are not motivated to work because they are under constant stress, but their physical training is low. Mitko and I do not want our security guards to be like that. We also have staffing errors, but whoever doesn’t work doesn’t make mistakes, right? We do not forgive the lie and maybe that’s why people believed us “, Rusev explains.

BGN 5 per month against theft, vandalism, fire and flood!

THESE DAYS “DELTA GARD” and the INSURANCE COMPANY “LEV INS” have signed a framework agreement, which is the first of its kind between a private security company and an insurer, said Marin Rusev.

“There are already a lot of houses insured under this idea. Actually the price per month is 5 leva. For this amount the insurer pays damages for theft, vandalism / breaking /, fire and flood. People sign a contract under our agreement. Naturally, the lack of items in case of theft is proved in the appropriate order – with documents and invoices. Our idea is to protect the little man, because now everything is stolen, especially in the villages, “said the security guard.

Negotiate bodyguard and copyright protection

THIS IS ALSO POSSIBLE, BUT SO FAR THE COMPANY HAS SUCH CLIENTS ONLY OUTSIDE VELIKOTARNOVSK AREA. More than 10 people wanted bodyguards. Negotiating a bodyguard is individual and very personal. However, the company does not deal with spying on jealous spouses, Marin Rusev is categorical.

However, a serious foreign company has sought the services of Delta Guard for copyright protection. “We also do financial research of companies, including abroad. Because of all this, I can’t answer the question when it’s hardest for me, because in the police I could go on vacation and not think about anything during that time. Here in the private industry, you have to be vigilant 24 hours a day. Every time I call the phone, I expect a signal, fortunately so far we have no serious problems in the company, but no one is insured against anything in this turbulent time… “, commented the former police officer, who left the system of his own free will.