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About us

Delta Guard Ltd. is a licensed security company to perform private security activities. The company has current licenses to provide the following types of security services throughout the country:
• personal security of individuals;
• security of property of physical and legal entities;
• security of events;
• protection of agricultural property
Our mission is to contribute to a safer world by anticipating possible risks and taking appropriate preventive measures.

Fundamental principles of our work are:
• respect for the rights, freedoms and dignity of citizens;
• interaction with the bodies of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in the fight against crime and protection of public order;
• ensuring security and safety during the organization and holding of mass events;
• carrying out preventive activities based on an analysis of the causes and conditions of offenses during events.
Delta Guard Ltd. has trained employees who can professionally fulfill our commitments to protect:
• restaurants
• industrial bases
• enterprises
• Administrative buildings
• construction sites
• housing
• agricultural areas
• Your and your family’s bodyguards
• mass events
• municipalities, town halls and the local population

All employees of Delta Guard Ltd., holding the position of “Head of Security”, “Security Organizer” and “Security Guard”, undergo mandatory initial training in licensed professional centers, which have the right to train persons for the profession “Security Guard”.
Delta Guard Ltd. organizes and conducts additional training and education of its employees depending on the type of security activity, the specifics of the protected sites, the degree of risk, the requirements of the contracting authority and other factors relevant to the specification of security activities.
The main approach to work is both the use of specially trained dogs and technical equipment such as:

• radio stations and technical means of communication;
• night vision devices;
• specialized technical means;
• detectors;
• video surveillance;
• aids, according to Private Security Law

The company offers effective security at a reasonable price, striving for an optimal combination of the client’s interests, the requirements of the Ministry of Interior and its concept of reliability and security, guided by the principles of professional responsibility and fairness to its customers.
A guiding principle in our policy is not only to provide quality security service but also to contribute to the development of our client’s activities through advice on imposing measures against internal abuse, the inaction of employees and crossing schemes for unauthorized access to sites, which in addition to financial damage can also lead to image.

Our clients receive:
• free preliminary inspection of the object;
• contract for security and preliminary preparation for the implementation;
• coordination and approval of the “Security Plan”;
• notifying the relevant state institutions to take over the security of the site;
• providing all the documentation necessary for the implementation of the activity;
Delta Guard Ltd. has many years of proven experience in the protection of agricultural land. On the territory of Northern Bulgaria Delta Guard Ltd. guards over 1 million acres.

The experience we have gained is based on our previous activities carried out on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The company has contracts with hundreds of individuals and legal entities engaged in grain production, cultivation of perennials / hazelnuts, orchards / and any other agricultural activity, most of which are leading names in the industry:

The protection of the settlements is done through the use of auto patrols (AP). Their task is to carry out preventive activities, traversing the approved route and vulnerabilities according to a schedule established between us and the Assignor. Our employees monitor the risk sites and the known criminal contingent in order to prevent the seizure, damage and destruction of property. If a violation is found, they immediately inform the Ministry of Interior and reserve the scene until their arrival.

When a perpetrator is identified, he shall be detained and handed over to the competent authorities. Walking around the area, the guards are obliged to inform the relevant authorities and the local population in case of fires, floods, disasters, accidents and others. In case of emergency, the company mobilizes all its resources and makes them available to the Assignor.