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Delta Guard took over the security of Draganovo

Delta Guard took over the security of Draganovo
September 30, 2021 Delta Guard

After two years of efforts by the mayor Dr. Petar Suvandjiev to convince his villagers that there will be peace if someone directly takes over the security of the village, finally the idea became a reality. At a general meeting in February, after many debates and findings that thefts were carried out en masse in Draganovo both in winter and summer, the locals unanimously accepted the proposals of the security company. From March 1, Delta Guard began concluding contracts, and more than 300 homeowners have already signed them. The monthly fee is BGN 5 and it is assumed that another 100-150 property owners will seek this service in the near future.

About 2,800 people live in Draganovo and mass unemployment accumulates drastic misery and crime. Since the beginning of the year, there have been at least 20 home thefts, one more brazen than the other. The last one is from days ago, when from the church “St. The Virgin Mary ”large bronze candlesticks were stolen, a month ago Apaches entered through the roof of an inhabited house, where a daughter is looking after her sick old father. One thief was caught, but in fact nothing serious happened to him, as the relevant authorities considered the value of the stolen items to be insignificant. “About 500 people in Draganovo are in dire need, some of them do not even have money for an ID card and social workers cannot help them, as the legal framework does not allow this,” said Mayor Dr. Suvandjiev. Many of the miserable are cold and looking for non-standard sources of heat, create conditions for fire. Some time ago, a man in his 60s experimented with heating with a candle and set himself on fire. “The burns on his body were third degree and the social services had to pay his health insurance in order to be treated in Ruse. Unfortunately, the man died and we again sought help from social workers, who found funds to transport the deceased and his funeral, “says Dr. Suvandjiev about his daily life. He complements the picture with the fact that the mayor’s office held two funerals in February on Veresia, as the relatives of the deceased did not have any money.

Given these facts, it is a bit difficult to expect that Delta Guard will solve Draganovo’s problems with a magic wand. However, everyone is convinced that crime will decrease. There will be a meeting with the tenants by the end of March. The aim is to agree on the conditions for the protection of agricultural products, which are also subject to Apache raids in summer and autumn.