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Delta Guard guards neutralized an armed aggressive man and handed him over to the police in Troyan

Delta Guard guards neutralized an armed aggressive man and handed him over to the police in Troyan
September 30, 2021 Delta Guard

Teams of the security company Delta Guard neutralized and handed over to the police an armed and aggressive man from Troyan.

The unpleasant incident took place on April 25. A tenant from the Trojan village of Belish, a client of the security company, asked for help from a patrol because the breeder Ivan Staevski repeatedly let the animals in its massifs. The cattle caused great damage to the crops and the tenant was forced to seek help from the guards to talk to Staevski. Three Delta Guard employees went to the home of the breeder, who raised more than 100 goats, 50 cows and horses. Staevski greeted them with a loaded pistol, his finger on the trigger. He aimed his weapon at one of the guards and began swearing, threatening and threatening. Although unpleasantly surprised, the Delta Guard staff accepted the affected man in cold blood and approached him professionally based on the experience gained from various trainings and seminars.

The guard who led the conversation with Staevski softened his tone and began constructive negotiations. He also managed to divert his attention with other topics, as a result of which the aggressive man released the trigger of the weapon, which later turned out to be a homemade combat pistol loaded with ammunition. At that moment, the guard knocked the pistol out of his hand and knocked him to the ground. Despite the resistance, the three immediately handcuffed the breeder and called in uniform from RU-Troyan.

After he was taken to the police station, it became clear that Ivan Staevski was an old acquaintance of the police and that there were many complaints against him from villagers of various kinds. An inspection revealed that he did not have a gun license. The man was detained for 24 hours, and subsequently for 72 hours, and pre-trial proceedings were instituted in the case. Experts compared his aggressive behavior with that of Petko Petkov-Streletsa, who shot 4 years ago during a special operation in Lyaskovets Commando Emil Sharkov.

After the measure expired, the prosecutor’s office released him on bail.

Witnesses to the incident will be interrogated at the Troyan District Office on May 3, as well as fingerprints.